Wednesday, September 13, 2006


He's been nominated for an Oscar. He looks great in a kilt. He's married to Natasha Richardson, related to Vanessa Redgrave and Lynn Redgrave by marriage, and he still can't afford a pair of socks?

This is scandalicious. (Sorry. That's my latent celebrity gossip gene rearing its ugly head.)

Won't somebody knit the lonely movie star a pair of socks?

Actually we don't have time for you, Liam. We have a Sock Hop to plan and a contest to talk about.

You want prizes? We've got 'em. Here's some of what we'll be giving away on October 1st to kick off our First Annual Sock Hop Knitalong:

From Barbara Bretton:

A copy of a sock pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple.
A set of five #1US Brittany Birch double points
Two skeins of Regia Mini Ringel 5339

From Barbara Bretton:

Sock pattern and needles (see above)
Two skeins of Fortissima Colori Socka #4008

From Barbara Bretton:

Sock pattern and needles (see above)
4 balls of Elann Esprit #5382
(comparable to Fixation)

From Barbara Bretton:

Sock pattern and needles (you know the drill)
2 skeins of Regia Crazy Color #5260

From Barbara Bretton:

Pattern and needles (see above and above and above and above)
1 450 yard skein of Lisa Souza's glorious handpainted Earth Birth

From Cindi Myers:

A gorgeous skein of Plymouth Sockotta
(a great cotton/superwash blend)

And there's more to come! To enter the Sock Hop Contest you can click on the button at the top of the page or click here and make sure to put CONTEST in the subject header.

To let us know you plan to participate in our Sock Hop Knitalong, click here and make sure to put SOCK HOP in the subject header.




Blogger georg said...

I have never knit a sock in my life. But I pledge that if I win, I will. :) I'll even send you pictures.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Cindi Myers said...

LOL, Georg -- that would be great. I hope you win just so I can see the pictures of the socks you knit!

4:01 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bretton said...

Georg, we're gonna hold you to it if you win! Good luck!!

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

Opps! Typed "to" when it should have been "too!" How embarrassing in front of all these prolific writer's. Ummm...but, do you gals rely on wordcheck? lol Anyhoo...have a nice day, everyone!

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Suzanne Rovner said...

Looks as if blogger didn't post my original comment...therefore, my oops doesn't make much sense I guess! My original comment was about having knitted just about everything -- EXCEPT socks. I always thought they'd be too (there's that word! lol) difficult to handle. Well, if I win this contest I will have no excuse not to try my "hand" at making socks!

2:04 PM  

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