Sunday, June 22, 2008

EZ Garter Stitch Blanket - Day #25? 30?

This is definitely an addictive knit, although I'll admit that the endless neutral landscape is starting to get to me. (I found myself reaching for some shocking pink yarn today and casting on just so I could drink up some color.)

The blanket as designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann consists of two A pieces and two B pieces. It's also designed to be knit with bulky wool double-stranded. I chose to use bulky wool (Cascade Ecological) single-stranded because my hands weren't up for the challenge of honkin' big needles. So far I've knitted up 4 A pieces in 2 different shades of Cascade Eco and 1.75 B pieces. If I sew up the blanket the way the design stipulates, I'll have a small stroller throw for a baby. Which isn't bad but isn't what I'm looking for.

So now I've decided that this will be an ongoing knit, using many of the natural Cascade Eco shades available and I'll just play with them like a squishy fibery jigsaw puzzle and see what I end up with.

The plan is to make four complete mini-blankets and then sew them up into one giant blanket.

Like I said, that's the plan today June 22, 2008. I'm not sure how I'll feel about that after a few more miles of garter stitch in neutral colors . . .

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Anonymous Cathy said...

It's ok--really. Baby blankets take forever. If you go take a peek at my blog you can see the cammouflage one I knit for my kid--it only took a couple of months. Of plain old garter stitch. But at least mine had some color. Then, after the mitered squares were knit, more garter stitch as a border on them! At least I assembled them with single crochet--it goes faster than knitting, and made a design element. Then another couple of rounds of single crochet all the way around the whole thing, and then call it done. And call me done with blankies a while too. Except a friend is due in November.....

9:29 AM  

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